Making gains on the bike: Part Two – GET A BIKE FIT!

We are in the season where people are looking at new bikes and gear… what’s the latest and fastest? There is a whole other side of the world that looks after testing the aerodynamics of bikes so that we have educated information at our fingertips to help us make that decision. While there’s no doubt that a fast bike should make you faster, there is something equally important as the bike itself…. YOU! You could have the fastest bike in the world, but if you are biking in a very non-efficient position, you won't be riding that fast bike as fast as you could be!

If you are going to invest the money in a new bike, spend a little more and get a fit. It doesn’t need to be in a wind tunnel (although if you have the extra $, this is pretty cool), just someone who knows their stuff. Small Changes in body position, clothing choices, bottle placements, and the bike itself (stem length/height, seat height, aerobar placement, etc), can all add up to big watts and “free” speed. It is important to be able to work with someone that you can make multiple changes with so that you can test out changes and go back to tweak with them. A bike fit should never be a one-time thing, even if the changes are very small. You want to be fast, but not at the expense of comfort either. Coming off the bike with your back seized up is never enjoyable. So take the time and be patient with this process.

Next week I will be talking about some of my favourite workouts and tips to get stronger!!

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