Ironman 70.3 CDA 2018

Before I go over how my day went on Sunday, I just want to say how much I love this race! The community, volunteers and race course really hit home as it really reminds me of Penticton and Ironman Canada. It really gives me a “hometown” feel, adding to the beauty of the race.

I really had no expectations going into this race. I am 100% focused on Ironman Lake Placid, and Ironman specific training, not half distance training. This is a fun race to do as a training day as it is close to home, and as I mentioned before, a beautiful race. I’m not sure if it’s just because I felt like I had no pressure on myself, but I feel better going into this race than I did going into Victoria…… which is interesting considering I had no taper going into this race!

The swim here in CDA has always been slower for me. It was a little choppy race morning, and the water was quite cold this year. I’m happy it was a wetsuit swim, but I haven’t had much open water training yet this year as our lakes here have been taking their time to warm up. So when the gun went off, I managed to find some feet…. But they weren’t the faster feet I wanted. I was really hoping for a 28-29min swim, so I wasn’t thrilled when I exited at 31min.

As I headed onto the bike, I got comfortable and settled into a rhythm quite quickly. The first turnaround is quite early in the bike….. I think around 10km or so. This gave me a chance to see where I was sitting. Haley was way out front as expected with her speedy swim, and then the rest of the girls were all within a comfortable distance to me. This course is challenging- very undulating with a decently long steady climb. It pays to be patient on this course and not hammer out the first 25km. Sarah and I had come out of the water together and I knew with her cycling strength that she was going to challenge me. Not to mention that she can run a hell of a lot faster than me at the half distance. We played some cat and mouse through a good chunk of the course, picking off the faster swimmers one by one. I eventually managed to pull away from her, but was never able to catch Haley who had a 6min lead on me out of the water. Overall I was happy with the way the ride went. I rode higher watts than Victoria and felt much stronger and more comfortable.

I came off the bike in second, still 2min down on Haley. She ran a couple minutes faster than me last year, and I knew I would have to have the run of my life to catch her. My legs felt surprisingly good…. Much better than my last race. I just focused on staying relaxed and keeping a good turnover going. At the first turn around, as expected, Sarah and Lindsey were right there. Sarah passed by 7km or so, with Lindsey right there as well. Not that I was “giving in” to them, but realistically I am not capable of running faster than maybe a 1:27 in a standalone half. So knowing these girls would run 1:20-1:25, I knew I didn’t have a chance of fighting this one. Reminding myself that this is just a training day, I focused on all the things I would normally focus on in a training run. I managed to run super consistent, and my legs didn’t shut down like they did in Victoria. I ran away with 4th place with a 1:30 run…. Not my fastest, but 2.5 min faster than Victoria and I felt 100 times better.

So overall I was happy with the way the day went. OK swim, pushed myself on the bike and rode higher watts, and ran a solid (for me) run feeling better than I have in the past. This was really all I needed to boost my confidence for the next big race: Lake Placid on July 22!!

Thanks to all my family, friends, coach and sponsors!

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