Peach Classic Triathlon

As this race was short and sweet, so will this recap. The Peach Classic is one of my favourites. It has been around for 30+ years, has a beautiful yet very challenging course, and because it’s a local race, I get to race with many of my friends.

After experience (another) panic attack in the swim, I still managed to come out of the water in third. I have concluded that these panic attacks are definitely a direct result of my mental state of mind at the start of the race. Perhaps I am more sensitive than most, but I have found through these experiences that if I do not 100% have a relaxed state of mind, I am hooped. It doesn’t matter if I warm up or not.

The bike was a lot of fun. It’s been a while since I’ve raced an Olympic distance race, so it was fun to go a little harder than I have the past few races. I managed to put myself in second behind Jeff Symonds off the bike, which came as an awesome surprise. I knew I wouldn’t hold that place through the run, as there were a couple men pretty close behind me.

The first km of this run is straight uphill, so I took it easy up the hill, knowing that any gains I made there would be lost right away trying to calm myself down once I got to the top. Once I hit the KVR, I treated the run as a tempo run….. balls out and hope I could hold it for the remaining 9km. My legs definitely felt like they had raced a lot in the last month, but I got the work done. I crossed the line in 5th place overall, and First place female in 2:15:08. This was 7min faster than I had ever gone on this course, and was 13min ahead of second. Overall a great day!

Thank you to Steve Brown, the race organizers, and many volunteers that made this another very successful Peach Classic Triathlon.

Also a huge thank you to my sponsors and supporters: Skechers Performance, CarboPro, Swagman Racks, The Bike Barn, Blue Seventy, Podium Imports, Garmin, Cobb, and Cervelo

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