Kelowna BMO Marathon

Well, I finally kicked completeing a stand alone marathon off the bucket list. I have always wanted to complete one and give a shot at going to Boston. Coming off a third place finish at Challenge Penticton, as well as a month of more relaxing than training, how the day would unfold was anyones guess. I felt great at the halfway point, running a PB, and feeling totally relaxed. Needless to say, I probably would have felt a lot better if I had stopped there. Its kinda like gambling.......should have stopped when I was up.... ya that didn't happen. 28km in and I started to feel a little lethargic, and at 36km the legs finally cramped...I chose to try to fun through it, dragging my butt to the finish line in 3:16:01.....7min off my goal. I was still happy with my finish and will be going to Boston in 2016! (I think I was more happy to eat a yummy turkey dinner tho). As crazy as this may sound, I was more sore than after an Iron distance race. Words of a true triathlete! It was great to see so many local athletes running and an excellent performance by Jeff Symonds, repeating his win in the half distance.

Now comes the time to finally dedicate some quality time to the pool. I am excited to join local coach/triathlete, Jonny Caron's swimming squad, and am enjoying swimming with some very fast swimmers. I, however, am now at the point where I feel like I am learning to swim all over again.....but I am trying to stay positive that it will all just click and I will be swimming 1:15 100's...;) Ok, maybe a lttle too optimistic, but it's a goal.

Until next time......

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