Interested in becoming one of my sponsors? Here is a brief bio, key achievements, and why I should become a part of your team. 

Jen Annett Professional Triathlete


I am a 33 year old professional triathlete residing in Penticton, BC, Canada. Through my athletic achievements, social media involvement and my athlete network, I feel that I have very good marketing potential for your company. I am the 2016 ITU Long Course National Champion, and have had numerous podium races over the last season. In addition to my athletic achievements, I am also a coach for the Penticton Triathlon club and TriPower kid’s triathlon team. I have also become very well known for overcoming my battle with epilepsy, inspiring many through my athletic achievements, motivational talks and written articles. I am very involved in the community, and have an excellent relationship with many athletes and athletic groups both within my community and outside as well.


I understand that in taking on the responsibility of the title of sponsored athlete of your company, I will be expected to at all times when in public, and especially on social media, hold myself accountable for how I represent not only myself, but your company as well. I will be responsible for actively generate sales from my network, to perform any reasonable duties required of me by your company to help promote your product. I will do this happily, in a professional manner, and without question in return for product, and/or money, which will help me further my own career within the industry as well as give me a platform with which I will do my utmost to help and inspire others.

I started competing in triathlon in 2008 as an age group athlete, winning my age group in most races, and qualifying for Hawaii World Championships 2008-2010. In 2010, I started suffering from seizures and was diagnosed with epilepsy. At this time, I was told by medical professionals to give up this sport, along with many other things. I was determined to not have this medical condition affect me and the things that I love to do. So after having my son in 2012, I took the opportunity to start racing Pro and in 2015, decided to train and race full time. Since turning Pro, I have shown significant athletic improvement and have had numerous podium finishes as well as top bike splits and bike course records.


Highlighted results:

3rd Ironman Arizona (New bike CR)

2nd 2018 Ironman Lake Placid

2nd 2018 Ironman Victoria 70.3

7th 2018 Ironman Texas (New bike Ironman World Record)

3rd 2017 Ironman Arizona

8th  2017 ITU World Championships

2nd 2017 Ironman Canada * fastest bike split

2nd 2017 Ironman CDA 70.3 *fastest bike split

2nd 2017 Ironman Victoria 70.3

1st  2016 Challenge Penticton (ITU Long Couse Nationals)

    *fastest bike split     

3rd  2016 Ironman Victoria 70.3 *fastest Bike Split

1st  2016 Great White North Half  *new bike course record

3rd  2015 Ironman Canada *fastest run split

3rd  2014 Challenge Penticton

3rd  2013 Challenge Penticton


Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you.

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